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Our expungement services cover the entire state of New Jersey. Our fee is affordable, and payment plans are available prior to filing your petition for expungement.

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We can complete your expungement typically within 6-8 Months! Nobody works as diligently and efficiently as the Law Offices Of Benjamin G. Kelsen.


The State of New Jersey will expunge most charges. Some examples are Assault, Drug Possession, Shoplifting and more.  All dismissed cases where you were found not guilty can be expunged immediately. To verify whether you are actually eligible to expunge your record, use our FREE EXPUNGEMENT ELIGIBILITY TEST.


Whenever you submit your completed interview you will receive your kit no later than a week. (No 2-3 week waiting period as you will find elsewhere). Your instructions will be included and will guide you through the administrative process in your case.  Print, Sign, Copy and mail the forms. Once the court receives your initial filing papers, they will assign a Hearing Date. It is normal for the hearing date to be scheduled as far as 2-3 months away. You must notify all New Jersey Agencies involved with your case with the Stamped documents received from the court. Three to Four weeks after your hearing date you will receive your final order granted from the court. You then have to notify all the agencies again of your expungement order being granted. From that point you will have to wait 90-120 days for all agencies to seal records. Your expungement is completely done once you receive a confirmation letter from the State of New Jersey.  The entire process can take as long as 6-8 months. If you hear anything less than this time frame you are dealing with inexperienced individuals & possibly not even a law firm. Be careful!


Most people do not have to go to court. The courts will contact our firm directly throughout the entire expungement process. The only instance where you may have to appear during your hearing are for 1st & 2nd degree felony drug distribution charges involving a Do It Yourself Expungement.


ExpungeMyRecordNJ have taken the headache out of the entire expungement process. As a Do It Yourself Expungement client you get full access to our  web based expungement interview.  After you submit your interview, our attorney will review your data and draft a self tailored expungement petition for you. What more could you ask for? Simplicity is the key and the cornerstone to what our Do It Yourself Expungement Service is all about. As for the direct Attorney Expungement, our Elite Attorney Benjamin G. Kelsen will manage your case from start to finish. You will be sure to thank ExpungeMyRecordNJ when your background is spotless. For a review go to New Jersey Expungements Review


You can find our flat fees on our EXPUNGEMENT PRICING page. Do It Yourself Expungement clients must pay a non-refundable $75 case filing fee to the court. You also must cover all your certified mailing cost. This can typically range between $125-150. The entire costs are spread out over a 6-8 month period. If you choose the Attorney Expungement option you need not to worry about these additional fees. The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen has it covered.


ExpungeMyRecordNJ Private Database Clearance service comes standard with both our Do It Yourself Expungement & Attorney Expungement. You will be able to notify top databases including, but not limited to LexisNexis, Background Checks, US People Search & IntelliCorp. These top database agencies sell information to smaller agencies as well. Therefore, once the top database agencies are notified the little guys will follow.  Even though you were granted your expungement from the state, there are rare instances in which these private database agencies still have outdated information in their system.  The Private Database Clearance kit will simply speed up the process of removing you and assure no one can find your criminal past.