• $650
    one time
  • Attorney Completed Petition filed and submitted by the law office.
    We manage the entire case from start to finish!
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  • Municipal Ordinance & Dismissals
  • DP / PDP / Felony & Mixed Convictions
  • Diversionary Programs
    (PTI, Conditional Discharge, Supervisory Treatment)
  • More than 1 arrest/complaint will be an additional $100 per arrest/complaint
    **Keep in mind NJ requires your entire criminal history to be listed on an expungement petition for completeness whether the offenses are eligible or not**


Well, the answer is simple. Affordable Pricing with Proven Results.  You can choose to our “Do It Yourself Expungement” or “Attorney Expungement”. Our Do It Yourself Expungement comes with simple instructions that will take the headache & frustration out of your entire expungement experience.

No. Most people do not have to go to court. The courts will correspond with you via mail throughout the entire expungement process. The only instance where you may have to appear during your hearing are for felony drug distribution charges. This only applies to Do It Yourself Expungements.

The expungement process usually takes 6-8 months mainly due to court delays and the final waiting period after the granted order of expungement to receive your final letter of record sealing from the State of New Jersey. We encourage you to get started with as soon as possible for the simple fact the courts scheduling is on a first come first serve basis. If you have heard or hear any time less than 6-8 months, the party giving that information lack experience with expungements.