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What is the meaning of Expungement?

An expungement of record means the “Sealing” of all records on file within the Court, Correctional Facility, Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Agency concerning a person’s apprehension, arrest(s), detention, trial or disposition of any offense(s) within the criminal justice system.

What is the Purpose of getting an Expungement?

The sole purpose of getting an expungement done is to give the offender a fresh start. Also, New Jersey Expungement laws also provide for the removal of records of arrest(s) where the arrest(s) did not actually end in a conviction.

Who is Eligible for a New Jersey Expungement?

This all depends on the amount and type of criminal records you have.  We encourage you to take our FREE ELIGIBILITY CHECK to see where you currently stand. If you are unsure, give us a call and we will give you a free consultation.

What will it Cost Me?

DO IT YOURSELF EXPUNGEMENT is at a Flat Rate of $225, Our law firm will complete your paperwork and you complete the filing, photo copies and mailings.

ATTORNEY EXPUNGEMENT is at a Rate of $750. We handle the case from start to finish. More than one arrest will be an additional $100 per arrest. Please visit our PRICING page.

What if I do not have any paperwork?

Give us a call and we will assist you in obtaining the proper documents you need for filing your New Jersey Expungement.

How long will it take to Expunge my Record?

Once our law firm is retained, a complete expungement will take between 4-6 months on average. As long as the Statutory Requirements are met and all the proper paperwork is acquired there should not be any additional delays in processing your expungement.

Why Expunge your Criminal Record?

Common reasons for an Expungement are Jobs, Apartment Rentals, Loans, & running for Public Office are just a few.
An official order of Expungement means that the criminal proceedings “Never Happened”, therefore you can answer as such on documentation which ask to disclose any criminal background history.

Which crimes cannot be Expunged from my Record?

Criminal Homicide, except death by automobile, Luring or Enticing, Kidnapping, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Criminal Sexual Contact, Criminal Restraint, False Imprisonment, Robbery, Arson and related offenses, Endangering the welfare of a child by engaging in sexual conduct which would impair the morals of the child, Endangering the welfare of a child, Perjury, False Swearing, conspiracies or attempts to commit such crimes, and Motor Vehicle convictions, such as DUI of alcohol or drugs cannot be expunged.

In addition, 1st or 2nd degree distribution or possession of any CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) with intent to sell cannot be expunged.

Do I have to appear in Court?

A majority of the time – No. Your appearance in court is unnecessary. An attorney will appear in court on your behalf.  Only in extreme cases will a judge request for you to appear in court. An example is  DO IT YOURSELF EXPUNGEMENT cases involving drug charges.

Do I have to make a visit to your office?

An office visit is unnecessary. The entire process will be performed via email, telephone and certified mail.

How can I get started with my Expungement via The Law Offices of Benjamin G. Kelsen?

1. Do It Yourself Expungements can simply be started online by completing payment on our PRICING page and gaining access to our client area to submit your interview and documents to the Attorney. Once received you will receive a retainer that must be signed and returned before the attorney releases your drafted New Jersey Expungement Petition ready for filing.

2. Attorney Expungement can simply be started by contacting us directly by telephone or email.

How do I access the Client Area of the website?

This area is strictly for Clients who have purchased the Do It Yourself Expungement from our PRICING page. This area will allow clients to complete a standard Interview & Upload all their documentation for the Attorney to review and draft their expungement petition.

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